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How does it work!

Life Insurance can be one of the most important and valuable decisions you make towards protecting and planning for your loved one’s financial security.

But should it be so complicated? Not at all - just follow the steps below:

  • Traditional Insurance Policy

    Your first step is to get approved with Traditional Insurance, either Term or Universal Life policy. There might be some unfortunate situations when Insurance company either rated or declined the policy issue due to your medical history. But don't worry - just proceed to the next step!
  • Guaranteed Issue Policy

    You were able to truthfully answer either you Smoker or Non-Smoker. You are qualified for Guaranteed Issue Plan!
  • Simplified Protection Plan

    You were able to truthfully answer NO to 11 qualifying health questions and now you are qualified for Simplified Protection Plan! But let's try your next option.
  • Preferred Protection Plan

    Were you able to answer NO to 19 qualifying health questions? If yes, then congratulations, you are qualified for Preferred first-day Protection! You had some questions answered with YES? No worries - you still qualified for Guaranteed Issue or Simplified Protection Plan.

Unfit for the traditional Life Insurance


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